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Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Confined part 5/5
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at December 17th, 2006 (01:00 pm)

Title: Confined, part 5/5
Author: Ritaann
Beta’ed by : lynettinspaghet
Summary: A hostage situation gone wrong… fuelled by the panic of a desperate man, one of the hostages won’t make it out alive.
Characters: House/Cameron
Rating: PG (a death occurs- nothing major)

All past chapters are held here: Chapters 1-4 of "Confined" + Prologue : "Theoretical Inversions".

“RECAPCollapse )

Grey, semi-darkness cloaked the room and glass fell upon them as the light above them burst into nothingness.

Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Noun, pt 1/1
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at July 30th, 2006 (03:23 pm)

Title: Noun.
Author: Ritaann
Beta: lynettinspaghet
Rating : NC 17
Characters/Pairing: Allison Cameron, Cam/ex-husband, House/Cam
Spoilers: No Reason
Summary: Allison Cameron remembers the last time she had allowed herself to believe in God.
Notes: written in response to the housefic50 challenge: 005. Last


Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Confined, part 4/5ish
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at July 9th, 2006 (11:48 am)

Confined part 4/5ish
Author: Ritaann
Beta: lynettinspaghet
Pairing: House/Cameron building [snail] slowly towards a relationship.
Rating: well, there's no sex or swearing so PG ? (some mild violence I suppose)
Summary: House and Cameron are caught in a hold up. Things heat up as the police turn up. tee hee... eh hum.

Other parts: Theoretical Inversions (Prologue) Part_1 Part_2 Part_3

""Who. Called. The Cops," asked Hal, his shot gun pointing at each individual as he said each word, menacingly."

Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Confined, pt, 3/?
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at June 1st, 2006 (09:02 pm)

Title: Confined part. 3/?
Author: Ritaann
Beta: lynettinspaghet
Summary: “It’ll be just like giving mouth to mouth,” she whispered softly, “Nothing more.” Caught in a hostage situation, things take a turn for the worse for House and Cameron…
Pairing: House/Cameron
Rating: M.. some swearing.
Other parts: Theoretical Inversions (Prologue) Part One, Part Two!


Rita Ann M. [userpic]
00.4 First : White Lies PT 1/1 House/Cameron
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at April 29th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

Title: White Lies
Author: Ritaann
Beta: lynettinspaghet
Rating: M
Characters: House/Cameron
Summary: what was between them was more than just lies… or so she believed.
Notes: written in response to challenge [004 first] at housefic50 LJ comm.

Notes#2: yes this is my first piece of angsty smut and I'm a little anxious about posting it [as I was indeed about writing it] but I guess it had to be done eventually no? Constructive criticism is *always* welcome and appreciated, whether I agree with your words or not, I will at least consider them and defiantly, appreciate your honesty.

"After all, this was what they both wanted, right?"

Rita Ann M. [userpic]
URGENT: House/Cameron writers needed for ficathon left overs...
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at April 3rd, 2006 (08:55 am)

LOOKING FOR:Two House/Cameron writers up for a challenge that is to be completed inside of the next month or so -- one who is willing to write smut, and one who won't go near smut

Who you will be writing for: stonedregrets and yutamiyu (I wonder if they even remember they have stories owed to them ... either way its been haunting me this past month or so...)

For all information- fanfic requirements- what to do if interested- the list at present - etc etc. please go here: http://whitewriter.livejournal.com/33839.html

Always happy to answer any comments/questions... I know this is a busy part of the year (and hence my taking so long to take action with these challenges) ... ... but yeah ... these need to be written eventually ...

((if this is the incorrect comm. to post in, mods feel free to delete post without any hassel from moi ... Appologies for spamming anyone's friends list...))

Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Confined, pt.2/?
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at March 20th, 2006 (08:40 pm)

Title: Confined. Pt 2/ ?
Author: Ritaann
Pairing: eventual House/Cameron
Summary: A culmination of past events and moments precede a tragic future of listless consequence.
Beta: LynettInSpaghetti
Prologue: Theoretical Inversions , part one
Notes: Not quite sure where exactly this is going (rough outline, but who knows?) not 100% happy with it … but meh. All comments, constructive criticism esp. is always welcomed whole heartedly

This is a work in progress....

...Cameron swallowed the niggling voice in her head which rationalized the possibility of a good prognosis as no chance in hell...

Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Final entries for 4th House/Cameron Fic=a=thon!
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at January 2nd, 2006 (10:24 am)

the time has come for me to close sign ups (okay, so its way earlier than expected- but I've had such a large responce already I just want to get you guys writing!)

Last minuet entries and more information about the event can still be made Here!
until 6 hrs from the time I post this, after which (and when I get home from work) I will begin handing out assignments.

Also making sure that *everyone* has recieved the pale yellow background email which informed you guys of the deadline and offical ficathon betas -- since I haven't heard from anyone it seems as though all is working as it should.

... 6 hrs to go !

Rita Ann M. [userpic]
4th House/Cameron ficathon =Scars=
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at December 30th, 2005 (12:46 am)

current mood: hungry

Hey all,
Just wanted to spread the word and give the heads up on the 4th House/Cameron ficathon that I hope to run succesfully.


The theme of the ficathon is : Scars
Pairing: House/Cameron -- from friendship to smut and everything in between
Min Words: 1000
Rating: Any
Sign-up: Close the 5th of Janurary


r o s a n n a [userpic]
01: Déjà Vu
by r o s a n n a (shadowsms)
at October 21st, 2005 (08:41 pm)
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current mood: okay
current song: Evanescence - Bring Me to Life

Title: Déjà Vu
Rating: PG
Word Count: 754
Summary: What had started as a memory she’d never; forget House actually being nice, had now turned into Déjà vu, and it made Cameron want to cry all over again...
A/N: This one is just some cutie fluff because I was bored. There’s a sort of… joke I guess but it doesn’t make sense unless you know about Urban Legends 2… basically the girl on TV that House is watching is Jennifer Morrison’s character in the movie… Anywho I just decided to add that in as a little touch since I wanted them to be watching a horror movie. Other than that…. I think this is a little lame… and the ending was rushed but I kinda got stuck. Uh enjoy?

01: Déjà VuCollapse )

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