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damagedPassion - house/cameron fanfic

fanfic by rosanna

damagedPassion [a house/cameron fanfic archive]
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You've stumbled across damaged_passion, home to all House/Cameron fanfiction written by shadowsms. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them, and take the time to leave me some comments (good or bad, I want to hear them).

What exactly will you find here? Fanfic for the show House M.D., or rather for the couple House/Cameron. If you don't actually know anything about them, why are you here? I'm not going to explain since anyone who wants to read fanfic about them obviously already knows all that is to know :)
And who exactly wrote these fanfics? A 16 year old girl from London wrote them. I'm Rosanna and I have been watching House since around episode 5 or 6, and shipped House/Cam ever since. My favourite characters from the show are Cameron & Foreman, House & Cuddy coming a close second. I do ship Foreman/Cameron too, but 'Ham' is my main ship.
I want to write some! Can I post them here? I'm looking for a co-writer to post their fics here too, if anyone wants to, but other than that the answer is no. I have made it so that only I can post at the moment for a reason ;) Comment, yes, post your own, no.
Okay, how would I go about becoming co-writer? I will be posting with all the details you'll need, and that will be where you apply. Until then, all I can say is I will only be accepting a person who I feel has a great talent for writing, so you will have to submit a fanfic for me to read first.
Your fanfics SUCK Okay. I'm not saying you have to like them, but comments like that are not very useful are they? I'm all for constructive critiscm but 'You suck' is not acceptable.