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Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Confined part 5/5
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at December 17th, 2006 (01:00 pm)

Title: Confined, part 5/5
Author: Ritaann
Beta’ed by : lynettinspaghet
Summary: A hostage situation gone wrong… fuelled by the panic of a desperate man, one of the hostages won’t make it out alive.
Characters: House/Cameron
Rating: PG (a death occurs- nothing major)

All past chapters are held here: Chapters 1-4 of "Confined" + Prologue : "Theoretical Inversions".

Hal is a single parent of Katie, the pressures of parenthood making him an easy target for the “Bringers of Peace” cult group which disallows western medical treatment on its members, and who demands all assets of each member be given to the church. His daughter falls dangerously ill and Hal has no choice but to bring her in to PPTH. However, it is too late for his daughter and not much can be done. Unwilling to accept this, Hal sees his only option as to partake in a sting operation which will give him the money that he feels is necessary to have the doctors at PPTH take care of his daughter properly. It is while both House and Cameron are shopping at the Food Mart (separately, but at the same time) that Hal’s group carries out their sting and hostage operation …

Grey, semi-darkness cloaked the room and glass fell upon them as the light above them burst into nothingness.