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Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Confined, part 4/5ish
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at July 9th, 2006 (11:48 am)

Confined part 4/5ish
Author: Ritaann
Beta: lynettinspaghet
Pairing: House/Cameron building [snail] slowly towards a relationship.
Rating: well, there's no sex or swearing so PG ? (some mild violence I suppose)
Summary: House and Cameron are caught in a hold up. Things heat up as the police turn up. tee hee... eh hum.

Other parts: Theoretical Inversions (Prologue) Part_1 Part_2 Part_3

""Who. Called. The Cops," asked Hal, his shot gun pointing at each individual as he said each word, menacingly."