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Rita Ann M. [userpic]
00.4 First : White Lies PT 1/1 House/Cameron
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at April 29th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

Title: White Lies
Author: Ritaann
Beta: lynettinspaghet
Rating: M
Characters: House/Cameron
Summary: what was between them was more than just lies… or so she believed.
Notes: written in response to challenge [004 first] at housefic50 LJ comm.

Notes#2: yes this is my first piece of angsty smut and I'm a little anxious about posting it [as I was indeed about writing it] but I guess it had to be done eventually no? Constructive criticism is *always* welcome and appreciated, whether I agree with your words or not, I will at least consider them and defiantly, appreciate your honesty.

"After all, this was what they both wanted, right?"