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Rita Ann M. [userpic]
Confined, pt.2/?
by Rita Ann M. (whitewriter)
at March 20th, 2006 (08:40 pm)

Title: Confined. Pt 2/ ?
Author: Ritaann
Pairing: eventual House/Cameron
Summary: A culmination of past events and moments precede a tragic future of listless consequence.
Beta: LynettInSpaghetti
Prologue: Theoretical Inversions , part one
Notes: Not quite sure where exactly this is going (rough outline, but who knows?) not 100% happy with it … but meh. All comments, constructive criticism esp. is always welcomed whole heartedly

This is a work in progress....

...Cameron swallowed the niggling voice in her head which rationalized the possibility of a good prognosis as no chance in hell...